Elevator service company

Transform your service business by partnering with uptime

Grow your revenue

The map® enables higher sales, market share gains and higher retention

◼  Adding the map® IoT, customer dashboard and increased performance enables you to increase the price of existing contracts by €200 to €500


◼  By building an uptime-powered offer for your local market, gain elevators from your competitors faster


◼  Increase your retention: adding the map® to an existing contract can save it from churn

Increase productivity

The map® brings IoT power directly in the hands of your field technicians

Our field application provides real-time elevator statuses, controller defaults and remote floor commands. It enables: 


◼  Drastic reduction of ‘running-on-arrival’ callbacks thanks to in-app remote discrimination ,


◼  20-30 min time saved when solving simple breakdowns


◼  Finding the root-cause of an intermittent breakdown much faster using the history of controller defaults and their context

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Your field technicians will love it

« I’ve just saved more than one hour. The map® told me where to look for the failure, the KM1 contact. It was the right diagnostic. What could be better? »

These benefits do not require any integration

You can deploy our IoT and install our field app right away

Out-of-the box 

– Deploy the map® IoT 

– Receive live data on the field applications of your technicians, remote discrimation and breakdown help 

– Showcase IoT data to your customers on their dedicated web-app 

With operational software integration 

Benefit from our breakdown detection algorithms, back-to-back discrimination, breakdown closure for technicians and full reporting for customers. With complete integration, generate condition-based maintenance service recommandations. 

Go to market and generate ROI
in 30 days

5 steps to build a partnership centered on your ROI

Trial selection
Trial selection
uptime partners with one service company per geography. The selected company benefits from a 3-months map® trial
Elevators specification
We select together the right elevators for the trial and provision the IoT
Elevators specification
Go-to-market setup
Go-to-market setup
We assist you in generating the right results-oriented value proposition for your market
We provide all necessary documentation to deploy the IoT and field apps
Generate results
Generate results
Experience productivity benefits right away with your field technicians, and start validating the go-to-market with your sales force

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