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uptime has developed the digital solution to avoid breakdowns and make all lift maintenance services transparent.

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The lift of tomorrow: no more breakdowns and full transparency

In 2021, 63% of lifts worldwide are maintained by companies independent of major manufacturers. uptime helps these companies make their digital transition a success. Our technology assists technicians to avoid breakdowns and allows companies to communicate effectively with their end customers, for greater transparency.

Our mission

A 100% technological company

employees, including 30 in engineering
customers across Europe
5 years
uptime was founded in 2016
million euros raised

Despite €35 Bn being spent on lift maintenance,
people get stuck a combined 1400 years in the world’s 17M lifts.

Independent Lift Service Providers have taken over to deliver quality maintenance and are quickly gaining market shares.

▸ The four main lift companies are losing maintenance market share, dropping from 43% in 2012 to 37% in 2020 of the installed lift base, with independent service providers rapidly gaining contracts. (Crédit Suisse)

Lifts break down 4 times a year on average. Although maintenance accounts for about 75% of the total profits of the lift industry, the quality of service has always been regarded as secondary by the main market leaders. End customers pay for a number of visits and troubleshooting instead of buying results – a guarantee that the lift is working. This results in customers paying without avoiding breakdowns or obtaining transparent follow-up, creating a significant sense of frustration.

As a result of this mediocre performances, the market has been experiencing an unprecedented upheaval in recent years. Indeed, independent service providers are gradually eroding the maintenance portfolio of majors of the sector, by providing a local support with a more human, face-to-face touch.

All these ISPs just lack the technological layer to further lower the breakdown rate and make their services fully transparent.


Our mission: accelerate the growth of ISPs by providing them with the technology to reduce breakdowns and communicate with their customers.

Intelligent and predictive maintenance is increasingly used in the industrial and real estate sector. From automotive companies to property managers, it enables smoother, safer, more efficient and above all more transparent operations for end customers.

With regard to the elevator, the main manufacturers are concentrating on marketing and communication around the smart elevator, thanks to their significant financial resources. As a result, the technological offer is proprietary and developed independently, leaving maintenance ISPs on the sidelines, which work on multi-brand elevator fleets and which do not necessarily have the necessary funds to develop such services.


The three missions that drive us every day in supporting ISPs:

Give them the means to compete fairly with the leaders of the sector, with the most advanced universal technological solution on the market. To allow technicians to always improve their performance and thus to further reduce the failure rate, and to recruit new technicians easily. Give them the tools to offer customer communication in line with new property managers & consumer expectations and provide them with complete transparency.
Our ambition is strong: we want to bring about a total overhaul of the current maintenance model, by giving the entire value chain the tools they lack to reduce breakdowns, make the service transparent, and enhance the lift maintenance profession.
How we did it

"By supporting key ISPs in each European market, we aim to equip 100,000 elevators by the end of 2023, which will confirm uptime as a world leader in predictive maintenance for elevators."

Augustin Celier
CEO & co-founder


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