Lift maintenance companies:

Accelerate your business performance with uptime

uptime, the leading lift maintenance technology, reduces callbacks with predictive recommendations and increases customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art transparent real-time reporting.

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From 0 to 1000 lifts, learn how we built our technology using the whole value chain.

From 0 to 1000 lifts, learn how we built our technology using the whole value chain.    Find out more >

Your lift maintenance operations with uptime:

Boost the performance of your field engineers:

By connecting your lifts with our predictive maintenance device, empower your field engineers to avoid breakdowns and resolve them faster.

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Demonstrate your know-how to your customers:

Thanks to real-time notifications and operations reports, gain transparency and increase the level of satisfaction of your customers.

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Accelerate your business growth:

▪︎ Twice as many lifts entrusted by the same customer.

▪︎ Up to 20% annual growth and 97% customer retention.

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Connect your lifts within 30 minutes

Universal Iot device for elevator maintenance

uptime has developed the only multi-brand device that connects directly to the lift control board, with a single cable. We collect more than 7,000 events per day per lift, in real time.

Key benefits ↘

Enhance your daily ops

Field engineers

Ops managers

Elevator technician application for predictive maintenance

uptime provides a mobile-based solution to accompany engineers on the ground, repair faster and gain efficiency.

More efficient visits thanks to our predictive recommendations
Go directly to the source of the fault and repair quickly
Real time visibility across all their park

uptime provides your engineer a monitoring and reporting tool allowing them to be autonomous, efficient and proactive.

Elevator maintenance management software

Seamless operations management tool for lift maintenance

Real-time park monitoring and alerts: traffic, statistics, anomalies detected
Improved ops management : engineers are guided by the app to report on actions and parts replacement
Optimized breakdown management: synched with call center, standardized breakdown reports, management of breakdowns related call out
Cooperation between your teams and your customers: information is centralized with documents, quotes, photos and internal communication thread

Do you want to keep your current management software? API integration is possible.

Do you want to keep your current management software? API integration is possible.    Find out more >

Strengthen your customer relationship

Elevator maintenance end-customers portal

Drive sales with superior customer experience thanks to uptimeConnect©, our customer portal.

Real-time monitoring of all lift in park
Detailed operating reports
History of all interventions and notifications in real time

With this transparency, show your quality of service, offer the real-time information that customers expect and win more contracts.

Your company with uptime:

annual organic growth
maximal churn rate
engineer satisfaction
uptime per lift

Find out how uptime will revolutionize your maintenance operations.

Find out how uptime will revolutionize your maintenance operations.    Our use cases >

uptime provides you with complete support

From training your field engineers and operational teams to developing your business strategy with our product, uptime supports you at all times.

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uptime commits to:
  • improve the reliability of your lifts, over the long term.
  • support your transition from preventive to predictive maintenance.
  • ensure that your use of our product has a significant commercial impact for your company.
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  • Number of lifts under portfolio
  • < 1000
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  • Number of lifts under portfolio
  • < 1000
  • 1000-5000
  • > 5000

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