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Less breakdowns, more uptime, less costs with our industry-leading elevator predictive maintenance technology

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Predictive maintenance changes everything

Higher performance and transparent access to information

 Elevators maintained with our technology have 2.5x less breakdowns


◼  By avoiding breakdowns and solving them faster, we reduce downtime by 78%


◼  By planning better repairs and modernization, we reduce the total cost of ownership by 25%


  Real estate managers and end-users have real-time access to information about their equipment

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Elevator predictive maintenance

uptime developed the industry-leading predictive maintenance technology 

Our brand-agnostic controller IoT

Our IoT is the only brand-agnostic elevator device that connects to the controller. We support the main manufacturers and local independent controller manufacturers. 

We collect more than 7000 events per day and per elevator, at three levels: operating harmonized data, model-specific statuses & error-codes, and remote commands. 

AI-powered field software for technicians

Our field app provides immediate value from the IoT data:
– AI-powered breakdown detections
– live statuses
– controller defaults, live & history, all documented
– remote floor command

The field workforce can remotely discriminate a callback and solve any breakdown faster.

On top of the IoT value, when technicians start reporting their maintenance actions in our normalised data structure, our AI begins to provide condition-based maintenance recommendations.

Real-time transparent information

Our web-app provides live IoT data to end-customers: elevator live status, trafic analysis, breakdown notifications and reporting. 

We enable new service models, as pay-as-you-use variable contracts or repairs & modernisation capex planning. 

Everyday use cases

Intermittent breakdowns

Invisible wear

Before uptime
Customer callback
Running-on-arrival. The techician comes and leaves.
Possible root cause: overheat, when the component cools down the elevator is back to normal
New callback

Our tech is made with customers and technicians

to build the right product, we organically built an elevator service company which became our development field

 We built an elevator service company from scratch in Paris, with Residential and Commercial customers


◼  Our field technicians are part of the team and participate actively in the product cycle


◼  Our tech-enabled approach allowed us to revisit entirely the value proposition and the operational model of elevator maintenance.

uptime: tested & proven

elevators serviced by uptime in Paris
less breakdowns per year
downtime reduction per year
total cost of ownership

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